Nils Dufau

Half Swedish, half French, Nils Dufau truly mirrors the island at its core. The island’s history goes way back. It was originally owned by the French, but sold to the Swedish in a trade in order to acquire the port of Gothenburg the French needed. Little did the Swedish know that the island of St. Barth was barren, on the other side of the world, and had little to offer economically. Eventually, the Swedish sold it back to the French who had little to no use of it until the late 1950s early 1960s when Rockefeller bought a property on the island. The island realized it’s old world charm potential and tapped into what today is their primary source of income—tourism.

Nils Dufau had been homeschooled by his parents on a boat as they hopped from island to island experiencing the Caribbean. Once they set foot on St. Barth, the islands Swedish and French culture set in and the Dufau’s knew this would be their new home. Nils eventually went back to Sweden where he went to university. After living abroad for a few years, his heart drew him back to St. Barth following the devastation of Hurricane Luis in 1995. From there, he immersed himself into his passion. He became one of the 19 members of the St. Barth territorial council and shared his love of the island with the rest of the world through his work as the President of the St. Barth Tourism Committee.

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